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Structural Alterations

Often the best way to utilise an existing building, especially when it has become defunct, is to adapt it for contemporary use; combining rooms is an obvious example.

We are experienced in assessing and carrying out this specialist work, operating with engineers and architects to realise a buildings potential, whilst respecting the structure and character.

We have carried out several quite complex structural alterations, where large steels are installed, following exact methods with proper preparation and care.

We are able to complete these processes:

  • Alteration and reordering of space or room layout – to open up rooms
  • Basement enlargement and adaptation
  • Demolition and disposal of failed or unwanted building elements – safely and efficiently
  • Replacement of damp or worm-affected structural members - beams, lintels, etc
  • Steel beams and frame erection – for support purposes or as a main frame
  • Structural repairs – tying in masonry where cracked with steel rods
  • Temporary works – insertion of shoring, propping and needle-supports
  • Underpinning and ground-works – where walls need deepening or strengthening
  • Wall removal – as part of extension or other alteration work
  • Wall replacement – due to instability caused by age, damp or subsidence