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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Windows

We have adopted aluminium as our material of choice for the installation of bi folding or sliding doors due to the large expansive spans of the doors and the high number of components and moving parts.

As well the green benefits achieved from using this product, the material itself is both strong, light weight and versatile, as well as being aesthetically pleasing because of its slender profiles.

The strength of our aluminium profiles ensures our systems operate effortlessly as well as guaranteeing years of reliablilty and security. The advances in thermal break technology ensure that all of our products surpass all current and future building regulations. Unlike materials such as timber and PVC aluminium does not breathe, nor expand or contract, it is strong and secure and will not fail, this is the reason why all commercial buildings are installed with aluminium products, because the aluminium products stand the test of time.

The strength of our products ensures a fantastic look as the slender profiles maximise the glazed areas of our bi folding doors, roofs, window's and oversized sliding doors. The alloy can also be powder coated to any one of over 200 RAL colours, if this isn't enough we also offer various 'sensation' colours which creates a similar aesthetic to what you achieve with a granite work top. And finally we can also offer woodgrain finishes which entails base powder coating the aluminium followed by melting the woodgrain finish over the coating, this superb finish ensures the appearance of timber is achieved but the performance of the alloy is maintained.